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Iran-latest news of hunger striking human rights defenders ARASH SADEGI& GOLROKH IRAEI

Political prisoner, Maryam Akbari Monfared, imprisoned in the Women’s Ward of Evin, sent out an open letter to protest officials’ lack of reaction to the hunger strike of her former inmates, Atena Daemi and Golrokh Iraee.

The text of her  letter

Glorak Iraee suffered a heart attack on Monday evening on day 10th of her hunger strike and 3th day of dry 

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Political Prisoner Arash Sadeghi Announces End of Hunger Strike in a Letter

At the request of his cell-mates, the political prisoner Arash Sadeghi has ended his hunger strike which he started two weeks ago to protest against beating and exiling his wife ‘Golrokh Iraei’ and Atena Daemi.

It was not long ago when Sadeghi just came out of another 70-day hunger strike, the complications of which still hurt the political prisoner.

On February 7, 2018, Sadeghi wrote a letter to announce the end of his hunger strike.

The letter reads “when I heard about transfer of Golrokh and Atena to Gharchak Prison, the images of oppression throughout all these years came alive in my mind, especially considering that the two prisoners were subject to insults and beatings once being transferred. That’s the same old story of filing fake lawsuits, this time planned and carried out from within the prison.

“When they take advantage of their own law to force more pressure and oppression, then resistance and protest is the only way to preserve human dignity. That’s why I started a hunger strike despite suffering from severe physical weakness.

After pointing out the reasons behind his hunger strike, the prisoner of conscience then describes his physical condition, saying “due to being denied of timely medical treatment, my health status has deteriorated so much that I started suffering such complications like low blood pressure, rectal bleeding, breathing problems, irregular heartbeat and frequent nausea only a few days after I started the hunger strike.”
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 Arash Sadeghi  who is on hunger strike  warned about the situation of  Atena Daemi and Golkorki Iraee

Political Prisoner’s Complaint Letter Against Five Prison Authorities to UN Human Rights Rapporteur

In a letter to the United Nations human rights rapporteur on January 31, the political prisoner Arash Sadeghi, who is on hunger strike, warned about the situation of Atena Daemi and Golkorki Iraee, while accusing five authorities of the Iranian regime's Prisons Organization.

 Political prisoners Arash Sadeghi and Soheil Arabi have launched hunger strike

Political prisoners Arash Sadeghi and Soheil Arabi have launched hunger strike & refusing to take any medication, protesting the beating of political prisoners Golrkh Iraee and Atena Daeimi

 Atena Daemi and Golrokh Iraee

NCRI Women’s Committee calls for freedom of Atena Daemi and Golrokh Iraee

Political prisoners Atena Daemi and Golrokh Ibrahimi Iraee were brutally beaten up and subsequently transferred to the Qarchak Prison in Varamin, on Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

The inhuman practice came in the wake of a fabricated case just recently filed against the two prisoners for which they had been summoned to the Directorate for the Implementation of Sentences. They were subsequently taken for interrogation to the IRGC Ward 2A of Evin Prison.

The two brave women refused to be interrogated separately and demanded to see their transfer warrant. This is when they were badly beaten up and wounded.

They were subsequently transferred at night to Qarchak Prison for women in Varamin on the order of Haji Moradi, one of the henchmen who serves as assistant judge in Evin Prison.  

Atena Daemi, 29, is an activist defending human rights and children’s rights. She has been sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of “propaganda against the state, association and collusion against national security” and insulting Ali Khamanei, the mullahs’ supreme leader.

Golrokh Ibrahimi Iraee is also a human rights activist sentenced to six years in jail on charges of “insulting the sanctities” and the mullahs’ supreme leader, Ali Khamenei.

Qarchak Prison in Varamin is notorious for its deplorable conditions and the clerical regime transfers political prisoners there in total disregard for the principle of classification of crimes.

The brutal treatment of Atena Daemi and Golrokh Iraee comes in reaction to their declared support for the Iranian people’s uprising and is an attempt to scare Iran’s courageous women, especially the young high school and university students, who played a significant role in the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising.

Golrokh Iraei,

A Letter by Female Political Prisoner: Protesting IRGC, Is Why I Am Imprisoned

NCRI - Golrokh Iraei, a female political prisoner in a women's ward of Evin Prison, wrote a letter last week in response to the exile of her husband, Arash Sadeqi, from Evin to Rajaei Shahr prison in Karaj.
In this letter, while noting the Iranian regime’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, who said that all Iranians are members of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), Golrokh Iraei wrote: “Contrary to his view, as an Iranian who devoted my peace and security and safety to the improvement of my country's condition, not only I am not a member of IRGC, but also I am imprisoned because of the protest against the atmosphere of oppression created by the Revolutionary Guards in the society.
In her letter Ms. Iraei speaks about the lack of independence of the prisons organization and inhumane treatment of the political prisoners by the prison authorities and emphasizes: “The imposition of the influence of the prison authorities and their hostility and antagonism towards the political prisoners is such that the medical documents of the prisoners generally disappear after a short period of time from their medical records and their history of illness as a whole is totally destroyed.”
She regards her husband's exile as an arbitrary act, committed by the head of the Evin prison with the intention of personal influence in this case.
Ms. Iraei adds that the heads of prisons repeatedly go to political prisoners' files and in various ways disturb the political activists’ peace and calmness in the ward.
According to this political prisoner, exertion of influence in the cases of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, also complicity and collusion with the interrogations and detaining authorities, as well as personal conflict and preparing lawsuit against prisoners who stand firm on their opinions point to this fact.
Part of the letter reads:
“My husband, Arash Sadeghi, was also the victim of the authorities’ malice in Evin prison, and he was sent to exile because he did not bow to their demands and did not accept whatever they wanted him to do.”
“The influence of prison authorities and their hostility to political prisoners is so much that the medical documents sent from the hospital are usually removed from the medical records of individuals and the history of their illness is totally sestroyed, and in general, and they completely deny the prisoner’s and prevents subsequent dispatch to hospitals and continuation of the treatment process.”
“Lack of timely medical attention ultimately leads to surgery and removal of an organ of their body.”
“The amount of budget received by the Prison Organization was reduced due to the inclusion in the sanctions list. Therefore, they leave most of their financial deficiencies and needs on the shoulder of the prisoners. Under any pretext, either in ordinary prisoners’ ward or political prisoners ward, instead of meeting their requirements, they say ‘We do not have funds,’ and the charity donations to the prisoners are confiscated and used for personal needs of the prison agents and cash donations and gifts are used for construction and repair of jail...”
Signed: Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraei Women’s ward of Evin prison=22 October 2017

Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraei and her husband Arash sadeghi were arrested on September 6, 2014 and subsequently sentenced to six years imprisonment by Branch 15 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court on May 2015 on the charges of “insulting the scared and propaganda against the system”. The verdict was confirmed by Branch 15 of the Appeal Court without their presence.
Ms. Ebrahimi Iraei was then arrested again on October 24, 2017 by security agents abruptly without receiving a written notice and transferred to Evin prison for implementation of the 6-years prison term.
She has been accused of criticizing the medieval punishment of ‘stoning’ and considering stoning as sacred to blaspheme, according to an unpublished story.
Her other charges include the discovery of hijab and the promotion of unveiling through the sharing of her scarf-free photos with her husband on Facebook, opposition to the sharia law of Qesas (retaliation), signing the statement in opposition to the death penalty, participation in gatherings to support political prisoners, and meeting with political prisoners.
Ms. Iraei, who suffered a severe illness earlier, went to jail without a full medical treatment, and now needs medical attention and treatment.
She is currently serving her sentence in women’s ward of Evin prison. Considering the reduction in her prison term on the occasion of the Nowruz (New Year), her sentence was reduced from 60 months to 30 months.

The appeal by Golrokh Iraee against her sentence was rejected by the 33rd Branch of the Supreme Court on July 20, 2017.
Ms. Iraee is presently serving a six-year sentence at Evin Prison for writing a fictional story against the cruel punishment of stoning, a book that has not been even published.
She was arrested on September 6, 2014, by the IRGC’s Intelligence unit and sentenced to six years imprisonment for insulting the sanctities and propaganda against the state.

Amnesty Urges Iran regime to release Arash Sadeghi and Kolrokh Ebrahimi
Iranian prisoner of conscience and human rights defender Arash Sadeghi is being subjected to torture by Revolutionary Guard officials who are blocking his access to urgent medical care. He is suffering from respiratory problems and a stomach ulcer that has led to internal bleeding, abdominal pain and digestive complications. 

Golrokh Iraee seeks justice to save her husband's life

Political prisoner Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee who is imprisoned for writing an unpublished story against the inhuman punishment of stoning, sent an open letter from Evin Prison where she is detained. In this letter, she enumerates the instances of breaches of law and breaking of promises by the Prosecutor and Judicial authorities of the clerical regime.
Ms. Iraee has urged everyone's support to save the life of her husband, political prisoner Arash Sadeghi, by granting him prison leave so that he could be treated in hospital.
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Arash Sadeghi'Prisoners of conscience let down by authorities in Iran                               Arash Sadeghi back on hunger strike Under Torture in Ward 350 of Evin Prison facing death: dire health condition of political prisoner Arash Sadeghi after he back on hunger strike.The grads took him in Ward 350 of Evin Prison. This sell has no Phone so that the voice of Arash would remain in absolute silent. So they could kill him silently. Urgent action need to be made.                                           Arash Sadeghi's father on hunger strike to support his son

Golrokh Iraee Golrokh Iraee was arrested while leaving home                       Amnesty International condemns stoning writer's re-arrest by Iran regime
Student activist Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards Corps on Sunday, January 22, while leaving home. She was transferred to the Department of Implementation of the Verdicts at Evin Prison.A source close to the Iraee family said, "Arash Sadeghi (Golrokh's husband) had been taken to hospital before noon that day to do some tests. Ms. Iraee was heading to the hospital when she was arrested by forces of the IRGC Sarallah Corps."          Read more

Arash Sadeghi Under Torture After Ending Hunger Strike

prisoner, Arash Sadeghi, was transferred to Evin prison infirmary 3 times in just 24 hours due to his deteriorating health condition.

The Iranian Resistance Calls for Immediate Freedom of Arash Sadeghi

A group of mothers of political prisoners and human rights defenders can be seen among the demonstrators.
Holding the photographs of Arash and Golrokh demonstrators call for immediate release of them and other political prisoners.

Hunger strike to defend Iranian women's rights

Arash Sadeghi,  is the imprisoned student rights activist. He started an indefinite hunger strike following the arbitrary arrest of his wife Golrokh Iraee on October 25, 2016. He plans to continue his hunger strike until Iran’s officials release his wife Golrokh from prison, say local sources.

Arash is on hunger strike in ward 8 of Evin Prison since 44 days ago. The prison clinic specialist has recommended that Mr. Sadeghi be transferred to a hospital, but Mr. Sadeghi has refused hospitalization for medical treatment for as long as the wardens force him to be handcuffed and wear official prisoner clothes.

letter from political prisoner Golrokh Ibrahimi Iraie

letter from political prisoner Golrokh Ibrahimi Iraie to int’l rights orgs

Political prisoner Golrokh Ibrahim Iraie issued a letter to her husband, Arash Sadeghi and international human rights organizations, supporting his hunger strike.
Political prisoner Arash Sadeghi has been on hunger strike for the past 37 days, protesting inhumane prison conditions and the arrest of his wife, Golrokh Ibrahimi Iraie. His conditions are currently reported as dire.
“The freedom lovers are the pride of history and freedom will never be imprisoned,” wrote Golrokh Ibrahimi to her imprisoned husband… “I know we have suffered injustice and you are protesting this with your all. The tomorrow that we yearn so is coming. You must remain to rejoice the morning of freedom alongside our country’s flag,” she added.

To international human rights organizations she wrote, “Despite the passing of one month from when my husband, Arash Sadeghi, launched his hunger strike, and despite the fact that his conditions are deteriorating and has once again suffered internal bleeding, and his blood pressure is 8 over 4 according to the prison clinic, his case has gone unnoticed with no action taken by the relevant officials…
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Member of Teachers Trade Union Calls for Release of All Hunger Striking Political Prisoners

 Monday January  2nd 2017, Arash Sadeghi’s health condition is dangerous

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